Portrait Photography Sydney

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After all it is all about PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY - photographing people on your special day. It is important for you to realise the different styles or categories and for you to choose one that you like and are comfortable with.

What are the different styles of wedding and portrait photographers?

Environmental Portrait Photography.  This is where the person is photographed in his/her natural environment. For example a model modelling, a racing driver racing, a jockey riding, a chef cooking etc. Basically capturing the person in his working environment used to compliment their character.

Traditional Portrait Photography.  Also known as classical portraiture where the face is the predominant feature in the photograph. This can be described as a Head Shot, Two thirds or a Full body shot. 

Glamour Portrait Photography. Commonly used when photographing models to highlight the sexy romantic appeal of the subject and their attire.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography. This is a combination of candid and environmental portraiture highlighting the feeling of life experiences of the subject. Fashion, pharmaceutical and the food industries often use lifestyle images to evoke certain emotions in the viewer. This style is often used in wedding/engagement photography as well. 

At the end of the day the photographer has the task of photographing  the bride, groom, family and friends but more importantly their emotions on their special day.

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