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Pre Wedding Photography Sydney /Engagement Photography Sydney

Pre wedding photography, often referred to as Engagement Photography, takes place months before the wedding day. Though overlooked by many, and often considered unnecessary, it has become a necessity for most couples. This might not be something you have thought of however, I would just like to explain why you might want to consider a photo shoot and some tips to make the most of it.

Why Pre wedding Photography/ Engagement Photography?

Its an opportunity to get to know your photographer in the run up to your big day. Here you will have an opportunity to talk to your photographer, establish rapport with him/her and actually get to know their shooting style.

You'll get a chance to see photos of yourselves before the wedding. This will only ensure you are making the right choice for your wedding day.

This is also an opportunity to show your photographer what you like and how you would like to be photographed.

Its also the time for your photographer to get to know more of you as a couple , your characters, how affectionate you are with each other, how formal or casual your styles are.

The photographer will get a chance to see how subtle or intrusive they should be on the day.

You will also get a chance to be yourselves in an environment of your choice (park, beach, home etc) rather than formal bride and groom. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Sydney/Engagement Photoshoot Sydney

There are 2 main factors that make up  your successful engagement shoot - whether or not the pictures tell your story and whether emotions were captured by the lens. To achieve this: 

Choose a concept that meets your needs. You may choose a Traditional concept where you can delve into your traditional roots and cultural heritage with traditional attire at an appropriate location. You may want to try a Glamorous Concept with fancy dress at a fancy location. You might prefer the Casual Concept with a modest and informal approach.

Here are some tips: 

1. Allow for a 4 hr session and this could be a weekday

2. Choose a venue that you like or means something to the two of you: your favourite park, beach, garden, etc. This could be the place you first met or had your first date - a place where you usually go to share a common interest. Consider doing the shoot at your Wedding Venue. This will be a great advantage to both you and the photographer having familiarised yourselves with the venue and scouted the best locations for your photoshoots on the big day. This could be done in the comfort of your own backyard or bedroom dressed down in sweat shirts or funky shorts.

3. Include special friends or pets for your fun shoot

4. If you share a common passion (example cooking, riding horses, cycling etc) then use that as the theme for your photoshoot

5. Make it a nostalgic trip, use items you loved as kids and still love, as props 

6. Go out there, get creative, drop the formal poses and just be yourselves and have some fun with your photographer

2. Use your images for your wedding invitations, for your guest book or as a slide show at your wedding  

Pre wedding Photo Package, Sydney/Engagement Photo Package,Sydney

Packages vary, are largely time based and whether photo albums, slide shows, ebooks, hard copy books are included. For an individually tailored package please contact me on 0413 942 802 or email me on

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